Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity

Beyond Infinity The New Vision of Integomb Resource Center

Infinity, as we know means an endless possibility. Everyone in this world aims to reach and grasp the infinite glory in everything he or she does. Though, here in SBPI Gombak, students and teachers aim more than that, our pinnacle is ‘Beyond Infinity’ where only the best possibilities would do.

Our library is the pivotal point in upholding  our ‘Beyond Infinity’ vision . Various knowledge intertwines among the rows of books on the shelves. They form the first platform for students to plunge into the world of information that they need and want to know.  The thirst for knowledge is also quenched through the usage of electronic devices and internet access. These are the second platform where information is endless and on top of that our teachers, the third platform available, are the ultimate form of knowledge provider. Never tardy in explaining, elaborating and verifying information, they provide students with scholarly wisdom.  With all these elements combined in the library, students are able to reach beyond infinity and success would be at their fingertips.

Beyond Infinity is something that has been nurtured in the students. It revolves in almost every aspect of their lives. The students of SBPI Gombak aim for something no one anywhere else would ever dream of reaching. They strive for excellence in their studies, aiming not only for straight As but also on how to implement the knowledge in life. Co-curricular activities are more than just winning competitions but learning to maneuver a complicated life challenge. The dormitory life is not just being away from home but rather a long term lesson in a microcosm of growing up.

In short ‘Beyond Infinity’ is not just a motto; it is the way of life here in SBPI Gombak.